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Muscle Jock of the Day

Jamie D

Phelps Underwater

Billy Slater

NRL Melbourne Storm's fullback Billy Slater

Tom Brady

Behind the zcenes of Stetson commercial

David Boudia

Servicemen in Iraq Shooting Hoops

US servicemen in Iraq shooting hoops

Perfect Torso

Home Gym

Quintessential Jocks

(Ballack) Eye

Andy Roddick Shirtless


Healthy Resturants - Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the bodybuilding/fitness/figure person:

PF Changs
Asian/Chinese. Low fat options are available. Lean meats, chicken and fish are menu options. Can get all sauces, etc on the side. Have steamed vegetables and brown rice on the menu.

Cafe Brazil
Features egg white omelettes, whole wheat toast, and tropical fruits. Breakfast served all day. $10-20 Bronx Restaurant and Bar - American cuisine and vegetarian options. Menu offerings include traditional chicken, pasta, salads and steaks along with Roast Pork with honey and rosemary, Chicken and Dill Dumplings, and Black Bean Ravioli. $10-20

Celebration Restaurant
American cuisine. All you can eat family style meals. Check for hours as it is not open all day.

Lucky's Cafe
American cuisine. Lunch and dinner entrees include everything from milkshakes to burgers, fish to vegetarian dishes, soups, salads and fruit and it's all wonderful. $5-10

Original Pancake House
Great place to carb up for a show. Well known for their pancakes and breakfast menus

Saltgrass Steak House
You'll enjoy great steaks, chicken, and seafood, all chargrilled over an open campfire at this restaurant that also serves homemade breads, soups, and desserts. They are open daily for lunch and dinner.

Offers healthy, organic menus with tremendous flavor and appeal. Complete with contemporary decor and a family-friendly setting, Dream Cafe caters to an upscale crowd for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Specialties include California Dreaming (mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on grilled sourdough bread), Global Dinner (brown rice and beans covered with melted jack cheese), and The One for John (grilled marinated tempeh burger). Breakfast is wonderful as well. Be sure to try the Dream Cakes whenever they are available. Dream Cafe offers a widely varied wine list, as well as organic coffee and tea, juices and smoothies to complement the food.

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Bryan Thomas

AllAmericanGuy's Bryan Thomas. 

Mark Ori

David Trezeguet

French-Argentine footballer David Trezeguet


More Dan Carter

Quintessential Jock

Daniel Carter Vs Zinedine Zidane

All blacks host Zidane to a day of kicking practice

Six Packs


Johnny Castle



Eastern USA Fitness and Bodybuilding Championships and New York State Ironman Championships - 11/01/2008

On November 1st of 2008, the Eastern USA Fitness and Bodybuilding Championships and New York State Ironman Championships (bodybuilding plus bench press & squat for reps) will be held at the East Rochester High School, East Rochester NY. This is a drug free community awareness program to help promote drug free sports competition.

The event will include divisions for kids, teens, men, women, masters and physically challenged. The age groups will range from 6 to 70 years old. This is an amateur only event that will offer a $500.00 expense reimbursement for the overall open class winners. $3500.00 total in cash and prizes. Free admission and free entry to East Rochester High School students.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) Standardized Drug Testing will be used. All of the trophy winners will be drug tested, not polygraph tested. Participants are also tested randomly. Other natural organizations don’t drug test as thoroughly or accurately and some actually allow substances such as prohormones and designer steroids which are illegal. This is the only real drug free contest Rochester has ever seen.

This event is sanctioned by the largest natural organization in the world, the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA). Entry forms are available at Dick Ide Pontiac Honda, Lifetime Fitness and The Vitamin Shoppe. HOTLINE: 585-752-6398. EMAIL:

In addition to $1000.00 in free door prizes at the event, there will be raffles and prizes for LEAFF or Law Enforcement Assisting Fallen Families who raises money for the families of police officers who died in the line of duty. For a small donation or a used printer cartridge, a ticket can be purchased. Drop off boxes for used printer cartridges, fuser cores, cell phones and lap tops will be at Dick Ide Pontiac Honda and Lifetime Fitness. - Best Service, Lowest Prices, Fa

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2008 INBF NYS Natural - Contest Photos

Contest photos from the 10/25/2008 INBF NYS Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships are now available for sale.

The photos were taken and made available by Brian Cannone of

To see and/or purchase the photos - INBF NYS Natural Contest Photos

NANBF St.Louis Gateway Naturals - Contest Results 10/25/2008

NANBF St.Louis Gateway Naturals Bodybuilding,
Figure & Xtreme Fit
October 25, 2008

St.Louis MO
Promoter: Shawna Meyer

Beginner Figure Short

1. Alicia Lindsay (Overall Champion)
2. Kelli Gaynor
3. Peggy Womack
4. Diana Hess
5. Susan Alley

Beginner Figure Tall

1. Sarah Russell
2. Kellyann Higgins
3. Kimberely Freeman
4. Rachael Gittinger
5. Marcia Petit

Masters Figure 40+

1. Jamie Hofmann
2. Peggy Womack
3. Charlotte Pinick
4. Terri Newton
5. Janet Newberry

Novice Figure Short

1. Kelli Gaynor
2. Angie Indra
3. Diana Hess
4. Shannon Perry
5. Charlotte Pinick

Novice Figure Medium

1. Alicia Lindsay (Overall Champion)
2. Elizabeth Long
3. Rachael Gittinger
4. Vicki Smith
5. Renee Whitworth

Novice Figure Tall

1. Guzel Rodgers
2. Sarah Russell
3. Kellyann Higgins
4. Kimberely Freeman
5. Marcia Petit

Open Figure Short

1. Angie Indra
2. Diana Hess
3. Shannon Perry
4. Charlotte Pinick
5. Nancy Classen

Open Figure Medium

1. Jamie Hofmann
2. Elizabeth Long
3. Susan Alley
4. Stephanie Tussey
5. Karen Brooker

Open Figure Tall

1. Kristina Brunner (Overall Champion)
2. Guzel Rogers
3. Kellyann Higgins
4. Mandy McCall
5. April Brunner

Masters Women's Bodybuilding

1. Kim Hyman
2. Murica Simmering

Novice Women's Bodybuilding

1. Kristina Brunner
2. Kim Hyman
3. Murica Simmering
4. Sonia Campbell

Open Women's Bodybuilding

1. Kristina Brunner
2. Guzel Rogers

Teen Men's Bodybuilding

1. Kyle Armstrong

Colleigiate Men

1. Austin Thrower
2. R. Stephan Linch

Submasters Men

1. Rick Armstrong
2. Terry Starks
3. Ellis Sanford
4. Rick Hittner
5. George Matthews

Masters Men

1. Paul Anthony Williams
2. Morgan Edwards

Grandmasters Men

1. Terry Wolz

Masters Men 40+

1. Rick Armstrong
2. Scott Ivie
3. Michael Baltz
4. Paul Anthony Williams
5. Morgan Edwards

Novice Men Medium

1. James Robbins (Overall Champion)
2. Phillip Scipho
3. Charles Cooper
4. Elijah Coffman
5. Christopher True

Novice Men Tall

1. Sonny Ocello
2. Paul Anthony Williams
3. Austin Thrower
4. R. Stephen Linch
5. George Matthews

Open Men Short

1. Phillip Scipho
2. Ellis Sanford
3. Charles Cooper
4. Brian Arceneaux

Open Men Medium

1. James Robbins
2. Sonny Ocello
3. Elijah Coffman
4. Scott Ivie
5. Michael Baltz

Open Men Tall

1. Rick Armstrong (Overall Champion)
2. Charles Bruce
3. Terry Starks
4. Mark Cecil
5. Rick Hittner

Muscle Jock of the Day

Cooper Cronk

Cooper Patrick Cronk (born 5 December 1983 in Brisbane, Queensland) is a premiership winning Australian professional rugby league player for the Melbourne Storm in the National Rugby League competition. His position of choice is halfback.


Here's Johnny

Big Guns

Ohio State Wrestler

Carry a Big Bat


Germano Schreiber

Ready, Set...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Promoters Dave Liberman & Todd Pember


TEENAGE MEN –Two Classes, 8 competitors:
17 years old & under, - 1 competitors

18 – 19 years old ,– 8 competitors
2nd – Robert Grzywaczewski
3rd – Jeff Hart
4th – Aaron Bona
5th – Andre Love
6th – Shane O Toole
7th – Robert Haby

* The “Mike Lawson-Broze`” memorial MOST PROMISING AWARD* - 17 year old Raymond Rodriguez.

JUNIOR MEN – (23 years old & under) One Class, 15 competitors:
2nd – Jake Ebinger
3rd – John Todaro
4th – Jordan Michael Guill
5th – Kyle Reed
6th – Tony Russo
7th – Jim Tocci
8th – Mathew Allen
9th – Ben Effinger
10th -Chris Allen
11th – Michael Krustsinger
12th – Mark Schmitt
13th – Michael Triola
14th – Neil Crawford
15th – Tim Kusmirek

MASTER’S MEN – Four Classes (26 competitors)
40 years old – 49 years old,
Two Classes:
Up to 165 ¼ lbs (4 competitors):
1ST – DANNY WELLS **OVERALL (40 – 49)**
2nd – Loren Dyke
3rd - David Leonard Jr.
4th – J. Scott Traphagen

Over 165 ¼ lbs (9 competitors)
2nd – Fred Scalese
3rd – Rodney Smalls
4th – Glenn Ubelhor
5th – Martin Flaherty
6th – Glenn Willkins
7th – James Rodney Chatman
8th – Allen Smolenski
9th – William Taylor

50 years old & Over,
Two Classes:
Up to 165 ¼ lbs (8 competitors):
2nd – Britt Jackson
3rd – James Ciotti
4th – Jerry Royster
5th – Theo Ford
6th – Calvin Miles
7th – Steve Young
8th – Moses Tomko (83 years old!)

Over 165 ¼ lbs, (5 competitors):
1st – KEVIN SWANNIGAN **OVERALL (50 & Over)**
2nd – Kevin Farkas
3rd – Berry Burke
4th – Albert Stewart
5th – Terry Ulch

MEN’S OPEN – 6 Classes (66 competitors)
Bantamweight (up to & including 143-1/4lbs.) – 2 competitors:
2nd – Jeff Hart

Lightweight (over 143-1/4 lbs. up to & including 165-1/4lbs.) – 10 competitors:
2nd – David Kakunich
3rd – Bob Segnini
4th – Jeff Curtis
5th – Dave Weinstock
6th – Kyle Reed
7th – Jim Tocci
8th – Vennell Llyod
9th – Jeff Tomaszewski
10th – Ryan Kilbane

Welterweight (over 165-1/4 lbs. up to & including 176-1/4 lbs.) – 11 competitors:
2nd – Lauren Dyke
3rd – David Leonard
4th – J. Scott Traphagen
5th – Mathew Allen
6th – James Ciotti
7th – Chris Allen
8th – Theo Ford
9th – Matt Rutkowski
10th – John Porec
11th – Michael Triola

Middleweight (over 165-1/4 lbs. up to & including 176-1/4 lbs.) – 13 competitors:
2nd – Travis Kovach
3rd – Adam Smolenski
4th – Nathan Connor
5th – Chris Nejedly
6th – Steve Kaufman
7th – Ray Hodge
8th – Adam Whitlach
9th – Robert Grzywaczewski
10th – Shane O Toole
11th – William Taylor
12th – Kole Palmer
13th – Austin Hetsley

Light-Heavyweight (over 176-1/4 lbs. up to & including 198-1/4 lbs.) – 18 competitors:
2nd – Luric Edison
3rd – Greg Smyers
4th – Sixto Fermin
5th – Jacob Harder
6th – Brandon Carter
7th – Ben Hartman
8th – Rodney Smalls
9th – Kevin Swannigan
10th – John Todaro
11th – Phillip Wooden
12th – Jordan Gull
13th – Antonio Russo
14th – Jude Camacho
15th – Tim Kusmirek
16th – Brian Kennell
16th – Vernon Williams
16th – Doug Amburgey

Heavyweight (over 198-1/4 lbs. & over) – 11 competitors:
2nd – James Rodney Chatman
3rd – Jim Collins
4th – Jake Ebinger
5th – Jaldont Starkey
6th – Steve Bacher
7th – Rick Bertz
8th – Jeff McDonough
9th – John Popernack
10th – Kevin Farkas
11th – Ben Effinger

MASTER’S WOMEN – (35 years old & Over) One Class, 11 competitors:
2nd – Rebecca Bruce
3rd – Stephanie Casteluccio
4th – Diana Mizak
5th – Rebecca Miller-Moore
6th – Sharon Dorn
7th – Amy Rosenburg
8th – Sandra Donaldson
9th – Denise Hochul
10th – Beth Beatty
11th – Melody White

WOMEN’S OPEN BODYBUILDING – Two Classes, (14 competitors)
Up To & Including 114.5 lbs. - 5 competitors:
2nd – Rebecca Bruce
3rd – Rebecca Miller-Moore
4th – Sharon Dorn
5th – Beth Beatty

Over 114.5 lbs. – 9 competitors:
2nd – Stephanie Casteluccio
3rd – Diana Mizak
4th – Amy Rosenburg
5th – Sandra Donaldson
6th – Denise Hochul
7th – Kelly Boyer
8th – Melanie Lalii
9th – Melody White

MASTER’S FIGURE – Three Classes, (34 competitors)
35 to 39 years old, – 10 competitors:
2nd – Lisa Patterson
3rd – Andrea Leonard
4th – Jami Campitelli
5th – Hanah Melvin
6th – Carrie Paris
7th – Danielle Soucek
8th – Jessica Ryan
9th – Liz Guscott
10th – Angie Moye

40 years old & over, - 18 competitors:
2nd – Patty Pfenning
3rd – Stacy Russell
4th – Kim Horning
5th – Michele Armstrong
6th – Diana Rini
7th – Barb Nicholas
8th – Amy Rosenberg
9th – Gwen Hawley
10th -Denise Zingale
11th – Tracy McIntire
12th – Lorri Shaffer
13th – Lisa Medoff
14th – Kandy Ridinger
15th – Nancy Hayes
16th – Lisa Wisen
16th – Lynn Marshall
16th – Albertonia Roach

50 years old & over, - 6 competitors:
2nd – Denise Hochul
3rd – Maritza Martinez
4th – Sharon Sauer
5th – Kathy Herbert
6th – Dr. Debbie Freeman

OPEN FIGURE – Four Classes, (40 competitors)
Class A – Up to & Including 5`2”- 9 competitors:
2nd – Belkis McCluskey
3rd – Lisa Patterson
4th – Chrissy Pope
5th – Hanah Melvin
6th – Denise Zingale
7th – Jennifer Pausch
8th – Kandy Ridinger
9th – Lisa Wisen

Class B – Over 5`2” & Up To & Including 5`4” - 11 competitors:
2nd – Shane Corrigan Connor
3rd – Kim Horning
4th – Amy Rosenberg
5th – Barb Nicholas
6th – Carrie Paris
7th – Danielle Soucek
8th – Kristina Grogan
9th – Mandi King
10th – Melissa Parks
11th – Lorri Shaffer

Class C – Over 5`4” & Up To & Including 5`6” - 10 competitors
2nd – Pamela Chatman
3rd – Stephanie Yu
4th – Diana Rini
5th – Maritza Martinez
6th – Adrienne Costanzo
7th – Nancy Hayes
8th – Jill Polak
9th – Jessica Ryan
10th – Jennifer Gawronski

Class D – Over 5`6”, 10 competitors:
2nd – Jennifer Ludington
3rd – Stacy Russell
4th – Denise Hochul
5th – Gwen Hawley
6th – Michele Armstrong
7th – Tracy McIntire
8th – Kaylee Terwoord
9th – Angie Moye
10th – Albertonia Roach


On October 4th, at the Lakewood Civic Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio, former NPC national competitor Dave Liberman promoted the 2008 “Vyotech Nutritionals” NPC Natural Ohio (open) Drug Tested Bodybuilding & Figure Championships along with co-promoter Todd Pember.

This contest was a personal record for this contest with 148 (NOT including crossovers), of the very best natural, drug free competitors in the Midwest and beyond, did battle on stage. This was one the largest NPC regional competition in the Midwest, attracting athletes from 14 states across the country. The evening Finals had 1,000+ fans in the seats along with over 500 figure and bodybuilding enthusiasts in the house during the morning/afternoon Prejudging.

A very strict and expensive urine drug test was administered to the top 3 and 2 random competitors in each class. This is the same drug test used in the Olympic Games. It can detect the use of anabolic steroids, diuretics and clenbuterol (an illegal fat-loss drug) for up to one year.

Features making this contest special included all the competitors performing their routines during the evening Finals and everyone (from 1st to last place) receiving competitor awards, a contest T-shirt, a gym bag (courtesy of Bodybuilding.Com), Gamma-0 T-shirt (courtesy of Gamma-0), contest shaker bottle (courtesy of Infinite Labs), and goodie bags filled with free products from Worldwide Sports Nutrition, MET-Rx, Gaspari Nutrition, Labrada Nutrition, Biorythm, Beverly International magazine, BSN, Muscle Milk / Cytosport, Gamma-0, , Vyotech Nutritionals, Cellucor (along with T-shirts from Cellucor), Applied Nutriceuticals, World Gym Sheffield Village Ohio, Powerhouse Gym Elyria Ohio, Ultimate Nutrition, ALR, MRI, Beverly International, Parrillo Performance, Posedown Gifts & Apparel, Stem Enhance, and Ultra Trained Personal Training by Mr. Ohio Dave Liberman. The top 5 received impressive awards including 6` class winning trophies and overall champions receiving towering 8` trophies along with beautiful contest jackets. Souvenir programs listing every competitors name, respective class, city and state, along with full page advertisements for every sponsor, were given to all the athletes, judges, sponsors and everyone attending the evening Finals.

As with all of Liberman and Pember contests, $1,000.00 of the proceeds was donated to the American Cancer Society. Additionally, Dr. Debbie Freeman (Dr. Freeman, 54, who, along with top NPC figure competitor, Linda Reho, started a women’s athletic clothing line, “Infinity Designs”) donated $700.00 to the American Cancer Society in honor of her Mother who passed away from cancer 11 years ago, making the total donation amount of $1,700.00 going to the American Cancer Society. Dave and Todd remain committed to this charity and will continue to support the American Cancer Society at all of their future NPC

The highlight of the evening was 8 X Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, as the contest’s very special guest poser. Without a doubt, Mr. Olympia being in the house was the constant buzz throughout the day. The best bodybuilder in history showed up in exceptional shape for a guest poser and treated the fans to an incredible routine and later addressed the crowd. After which, Ronnie had most in the audience doubting just how “permanent” his retirement from competing actually will be. Time will tell. Next years, October 3rd, 2009 “Vyotech Nutritionals”NPC Natural Northern USA Drug Tested Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini
Championships will feature very special guest poser, Arnold Classic Champion and 1st runner-up Mr. Olympia, Victor Martinez! Certainly not an event to missed by any fan!

Emcee, Body Fitness magazine’s Mike Lackner did another great job with wrapping up the event at a very reasonable 10:30 PM. Not an easy task considering all 148 competitors got to pose at the evening finals, along with the guest poser, and a thirty minute intermission for fans to shop the exhibitor area.

The next Liberman and Pember production will be the April 4th, 2009 “Vyotech Nutritionals” NPC Ohio (open) Drug Tested Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships which will be held at the Lakewood Civic Auditorium, and very special guest poser will be none other than 2 X MR. OLYMPIA, JAY CUTLER!

This will be a very special event! For sponsorship, entry and ticket information, contact Dave Liberman at 1-(440)-942-5634 or Todd Pember at 1-(440)-984-2762 or log onto:

Body Proud in Miami!

FAME North American Championships
Oct 31st - Nov 2nd, Miami Florida

Bikini Models, Fitness Models, Muscle Models, Natural Bodybuilders and other leading physique athletes will be taking the stage at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the beautiful beaches of Miami to compete at the FAME North American Championships Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd. Come out to see hottest Body Proud physiques in the Fitness Industry compete on stage and showcase the beauty, talent, and presentation that only FAME athletes can deliver.

After the competition, the fun continues on Sunday with a FAME Bikini Bash and Pool Party extravaganza at the beautiful Sanctuary Hotel from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
All Fitness Industry media and fans are invited to attend and mix and mingle with some of the world's most beautiful models - many who are already magazine cover models and celebrities; others who are the new faces & physiques of tomorrow. FAME invites
you to come out and see the freshest faces in the Fitness Industry or scout for the next model for your article, advertisement, or cover! The Creative Director for the FAME Media Group will be on site throughout the weekend and can assist with arranging individual and group photo shoot opportunities for select media with the FAME athletes and models.

The fun all begins on the FAME competition stage at Ashe Auditorium in the Hyatt Regency Miami on Oct 31st and Nov 1st and continues at the Bikini Bash and Pool Party on Nov 2nd.

All media and fans are welcome to attend the Pool Party Event. To apply for a complimentary press pass to the Ashe Auditorium stage events, please email your name and press affiliation to

Come out and support these fantastic Body Proud Models and Athletes who will be hitting the stage in Miami on Halloween weekend. Visit for the full event schedule, tickets, and to register to compete! .

See you all in Miami for the FAME North American Championships!

Looking to be more fit then you were in 2007? Let provide everything from workout plans to nutritional supplements.

Tommy Rowlands