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Come March, Kacie Laha will rise early and join her Wichita State rowing teammates on the river for their daily workouts. Until then, she and her teammates mimic the strokes they make on the water -- and compete against one another -- on indoor stationary rowing machines called ergometers, or "ergs."

But Laha and assistant coach Tori Breithaupt say indoor rowing is not just a way for competitive rowers to train in the offseason. They encourage it for anyone looking for a great way to get a full-body workout.

"You use pretty much every muscle," Breithaupt says.

Stationary rowing machines are readily available at Wichita State's Heskett Center and at most area gyms, including the YMCA branches.

Laha has always been an athlete but never rowed until she was recruited to Wichita State's team by a friend who noticed her working out hard in the gym. Now she says indoor rowing will be part of her future fitness routines even after her collegiate rowing experience is over.

"I see more (muscle) definition," Laha says, versus running. She gets cardio and strength training at the same time on the rowing machine.

At the Shocker Sprints recently, Wichita State's first indoor rowing competition, Laha finished first in her 2,000-meter heat. Because that distance is a sprint -- taking usually around 8 minutes for women -- the tension on the machine was fairly low. Laha recommends cranking up the tension when strength training is desired.

Her advice: "Just get on it and do your thing."

One thing Breithaupt appreciates about training on stationary rowing machines is that it offers individual accountability compared with rowing on the water as a team.

"It gives you personal feedback about your training," she says. "Our athletes can really see through the year that they're getting faster."

Rowing also works for any fitness level.

"As a fitness modality, you can go out for a relaxing row, or you can be very competitive," Breithaupt says.

Stephanie Lillie, another Wichita State rower, notes that unlike running, rowing is not hard on the knees.

"I compare it to swimming," she says. "It's low-impact."

Her teammate Rachel Cartwright offered tips on proper technique: "Push with your legs; don't pull with your back."

Sydney Fish, a senior at East High who belongs to the Wichita Rowing Association, is an outdoor person who has a harder time staying interested on the rowing machine. She says it is comparable to working out on a treadmill or stationary bike as far as repetition, so it helps to listen to music. On long indoor rows, DVDs are a welcome distraction.

Like Fish, Rebecca Goltry, a senior at the Independent School, prefers rowing in a boat, but she appreciates the challenge that a stationary rowing machine can provide.

"I think a workout on the erg is actually a little harder than out on the water," Goltry says. "It's focusing on how in shape you are."

Goltry plans to row next year for Kansas State and beyond.

"Rowing is a lifetime sport," she says.

Although the rowers generally love being out on actual water, they said there is one other benefit to working out on stationary machines -- not having to worry about staying balanced as they do on the boat.

For information about outdoor rowing, visit, the Web site for the Wichita Rowing Association.
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Pool Flexing

Thursday, February 26, 2009

71-year-old man to muscle in on bodybuilding competition

A HIPSBURN man is preparing to flex his muscles at a regional bodybuilding championship – aged 71.

Pumped-up pensioner Ian Smith will prove age is no barrier when he flaunts his physique at the NABBA North Britain Bodybuilding Championships in Hartlepool at the beginning of May.

And it is believed that when Ian steps on stage, he will be the oldest competitior to ever grace the championships.

Toned Ian, of Steppy Lane, will be entering the Over 50s class and competing against musclemen 20-years his junior.

He said: “I’m looking forward to the challenge and I am taking part for the experience.

“I know I won’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegar or even Mr Universe but I never expected to come this far and I will be happy with the result at the end of the day.”

Ian, who admits some of his friends think he is ‘crackers’ for taking up the challenge, is transforming his body at Alnwick’s No Limits Gym on Fenkle Street.

He is currently training four times a week, with a mixture of weight and cardiovascular work, and is eating a protein-rich, low-fat controlled diet of 2,000 calories a day.

Ian Simpson, who runs No Limits Gym, said: “Ian is not your average 71-year-old.

“I have been to a lot of shows and I have never seen anyone that age on the stage. But he certainly won’t embarrass himself.”

Super-fit Ian currently has 17 per cent body fat and he is aiming to slash that further in the next few weeks. The average 40-year-old has a body fat of between 30 and 40 per cent.

Mr Simpson added: “Ian’s story sends out a positive message and proves that age is no barrier.”

Ian started working out a few years ago when his doctor told him to reduce his cholesterol and body weight.

He said: “I was starting to put on some weight so I joined No Limits. Things started to happen, firstly weight loss but also my strength was increasing regularly, causing me to lift more weights and gain muscle definition.

“In 2008, members of the gym said: ‘I hope I look like that when I’m 70.’

“So I approached Ian about the competition and asked whether or not he thought I would look okay for it and he saw no reason why I shouldn’t go for it.”

Ian has also urged people of a similar age to join a gym and get active.

He said: “I would say have a crack at it. It does take dedication and discipline, but anybody can do it.”

Ian isn’t the only No Limits member to be preparing for the Hartlepool event in the spring. Sixteen-year-old James Spinks, of Felton, and Alnwick’s Harry Ainslie, 20, are competing. There is also a father and son connection, with Stuart French, 16, and dad Leslie, 44, both of South Broomhill, gearing up for the contest.

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Physique TV

PHYSIQUE TV - “The Fitness, Nutrition & Bodybuilding Channel that aims to reach 121 million homes over Europe, Africa & Middle East”

FIRST on magazine, SOON on TELEVISION WORLDWIDE! Physique TV is committed to support the same industry around the globe by aiming to bring an up-to-date, compelling programming to promote healthy lifestyle and self-esteem. This new TV channel that will soon be making waves over the air directly into the homes of people in Europe, Africa & Middle East thru the transmission of the world’s leading TV satellite- HOTBIRD.

Expected to be on air starting March this year; PHYSIQUE TV promises to deliver to the world all the compelling information and vivid videos available. Its unique programming adapts the progressive changes of the world without compromising the effectiveness of proliferating valuable knowledge to all viewers

Physique TV plans to reach millions of viewers through delivering programs such as documentaries, health and remedies, healthy cooking experiences, healthy shopping, local and international wellness events, news, and tips on fitness and workout.

Ahmad Kargar, founder and managing director says; “We are positive that many potential and professional athletes will be able to use the knowledge we broadcast on their daily regimen and produce the desirable results for themselves and for the people who defend on them”.

Over the coming months, we will attempt to perfect the skills and technology of broadcasting by employing competent manpower in order to produce effective and knowledgeable programming for everybody.

Physique TV also uses the opportunity to give young adults the ability to nurture the experiences of all professional’s in the industry locally & internationally thru our broadcasting.

You can watch Physique TV on HOTBIRD 6 satellite at 13 degrees east in 10853H frequency. Please send your queries to
or visit the Physique TV website at

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Bodybuilding has found a home in DeKalb through competition, enthusiasts

When you think of DeKalb, bodybuilding is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.

But if you’re Ray Binkowski, owner of Wright Athletic Club, it does.

The Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second Street, has hosted the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders’ Midwest States Bodybuilding and Figure Competition since 2005.

Binkowski, an NIU alumnus, is the organizer and promoter of the drug-free event and serves as a judge.

“I’m a competitor,” he said. “I wanted to create a place where people can compete.”

Binkowski said the Egyptian Theatre is a unique place to host the event.

“It’s a national landmark theater,” he said. “We have Egyptian-themed awards and trophies, which means the competitors have an opportunity to win something they can’t get any place else.”

Binkowski said it has taken some time to gain popularity.

“The first year we only had about 19 competitors,” Binkowski said. “Now we average between 60 and 70 competitors.”

Bodybuilders from all over the United States now come to compete, Binkowski said.

First-time competitor and DeKalb resident Matt Kunz said competing in the event was a goal of his.

“It was one of my life goals to be in good enough shape to compete,” Kunz, 33, said, “and to have the guts to get up on stage.”

Kunz helped with the event in the past, mainly setting up and taking down the sets. This year, he wanted to take it a step further.

“It was very rewarding to see the results of hard work,” Kunz said. “I’ve learned a lot in terms of weight management and self-discipline.”

Alex Nerad, Egyptian Theatre operations director, said Binkowski has been a major reason why the event has been successful.

“He has done a great job in promoting the event,” Nerad said. “It has turned into a great annual event for the theater to hold.”
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Feb 26 2009 Reebok joins circus to swing into new line of fitness gear

Reebok International is launching a new gym workout for women in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, the Quebec entertainment company known for its imaginative take on the circus.

The Canton company pulled back the curtains yesterday on Jukari Fit to Fly, an hour-long workout using specially created equipment that gives users the sense of flying while doing cardio, strength, balance and core training.

Jukari Fit to Fly classes will launch in 14 cities across the world. Boston fitness instructors will be invited to Reebok’s headquarters in April and May for special classes and then will be encouraged to send their members there for free classes as well - a first for the company.

The Reebok-Cirque du Soleil partnership also includes two new collections of women’s fitness clothing and footwear. A spring line will be sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods beginning March 31, and an “On the Move” collection will be available at Nordstrom.

Source -
Boston Herald

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Arkansans Challenged to “Get Fit”

Representatives from more than 200 companies and groups throughout Arkansas and the nation gathered Tuesday to Invest in Fitness at the kickoff of the 2009 Blue You Fitness Challenge held at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock.

Governor Mike Beebe declared Tuesday Fitness Challenge day in Arkansas in recognition of the sixth annual competition to promote wellness in the community and at the worksite.

Invest in Fitness was the theme of the kickoff as companies and groups made their deposits toward fitness in increments of 30, 60 or 92 virtual checkpoints across America.

“Thousands of Americans are making a move toward a better health by participating in the challenge this year,” said Richard Cooper, Vice President of Human Resources for Blue Cross, Blue Shield and team champion for the Challenge.

The exercise competition has grown from two entities in 2004 to a possible 107,000 or more employees/individuals competing in 2009. The Blue You Fitness Challenge begins March 1 and runs through May 31 and is hosted by Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

The Challenge encourages employees to work toward the public health recommendation of 30 minutes of physical activity each day for adults, most days of the week. Exercise requires only a small investment of time and movement, and promises a great rate of return on your health. Thousands of Americans are making a move toward better health by participating in the Challenge this year, said Cooper.

During the contest, participants engage in eligible cardiovascular-oriented exercises to work their way through at least 30 virtual checkpoints across America during the three-month contest, although 92 checkpoints (the number of total days of the contest) are on the virtual map.

Participants start in Little Rock where the Fitness Challenge all began then exercise through all state capitals, many national parks and some interesting places in between, to finish in Hot Springs National Park, the oldest national park in the system.

Blue You Fitness Challenge participants register and log their exercise online (click here). Participants are able to watch real-time data to see how their stats compare to others in the competition. The winning entity is determined by the greatest employee/group participation and the highest scores in four categories.

For the fifth year, the Arkansas Department of Human Services is excited to be a part of this program, which continues to grow each year. As our more than 7,500 employees take care of our citizens across the state, we want them to remember to take care of themselves too, said John Selig, director of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Regular exercise is a good way to reduce stress, combat the sedentary nature that often comes with office jobs and improve cardio-vascular health. We are happy that this home-grown program has put Arkansas in the national spotlight for worksite wellness.

We believe programs like the Blue You Fitness Challenge are a fun, motivational way to help people begin to change their lifestyles and, ultimately, improve not only their individual health and fitness but also improve the overall health of Arkansans, said Paul Halverson, Dr. PH, director of the Arkansas Department of Health. Current research tells us that getting more physical activity means lower health-care costs for individuals and families. The United Health Foundation does their state health rankings each year to determine which states are the healthiest in the nation Arkansas came up five levels in 2008, from 48th to 43rd.

The Employee Fitness Contest Kit, a free guide to organizing an employee exercise competition, is available in notebook and/or CD format by calling toll free, 1-800-686-2609, or by stopping by the nearest Arkansas Blue Cross regional office. The kit also may be downloaded by clicking here. Read more at
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Sunfood Nutrition

Loyal members help fitness clubs weather recession

Every month, Viviana Prieto and her 15-year-old son balance their household budget.

The 42-year-old single mother has cut deep to make ends meet.

“We cut out the phone. We don’t have a land line anymore,” said the Marion County school teacher. “Eating out is a big one we don’t do anymore.”

But every month, the pair make sure they have the money for their YMCA memberships. Her son plays basketball at the Ocala facility, and Prieto exercises four or five times a week.

“This is the first time I can say in my life I’m not overweight,” she said. “To maintain that, I have to keep on a schedule. And I have to be a role model to my son and show him good habits.

Despite the toll the recession is having on the local and national economies, many people say they won’t give up their health club memberships until almost everything else has been cut from their expenses.

They said visits to their local gyms keep them healthy, and are meeting places to socialize and network.

And Marion County health clubs say their numbers bear that out as memberships are growing despite the area’s double-digit unemployment and anemic economy.

In fact, the health club industry as a whole tends to weather recessions fairly well, according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, a trade group that represents the fitness industry. It says club members view memberships as investments in good health, not luxuries.

In Florida, 18.2 percent of the population belongs to a club, the association estimates. And between 2004 and July 2008, the number of clubs in the state grew to 2,223 - a 46 percent increase.

If health club memberships remained strong throughout 2008, it will have been the sixth straight year gym memberships increased.

YMCA spokeswoman Maryalicia Johnson said health clubs give members a place to have control over their lives, when they feel they’ve lost control in other areas.

“Definitely during tough times we know it’s critical to focus on areas of our lives where we have power to make a positive difference,” she said. “And that’s our health and well-being and our family bonds.

Johnson said Marion County’s YMCA has about 10,000 members and has grown 8 percent in membership during the past year.

The YMCA doesn’t offer incentives to join when people already feel stretched financially thin, but it does charge families that can’t afford to join less than its regular fees, Johnson said.

About one in every three members pay reduced rates, she said, and the number of requests for financial help has increased during the past 12 months.

Leonard Kransdorf, 51, has been out of work for a year.

He doesn’t get unemployment benefits and sometimes borrows money from friends to make ends meet while he looks for a job. To keep food costs down, Kransdorf even eats lunch every day at a local soup kitchen. He doesn’t take all the medication his doctor wants him to because it costs too much.

But almost everyday, Kransdorf goes to Too Your Health Spa, exercising and attending cardio classes.

“It’s been a big, big help to me,” Krandsdorf said.

Membership at Too Your Health Spa is $109 per year, plus tax and sign-up fees.

“For me, it’s a health issue. I’m trying to keep my health as best I can . . . and it helps me focus on what I do the rest of the day. It helps me think better,” he said.

As long as Kransdorf can come up with the annual gym membership fee, hef said going to the gym will be a priority.

Fred Schweitz, founder of Too Your Health Spa, said his gyms’ membership “is only slightly down” despite the economy. Regardless, Schweitz is opening a fourth branch, this one in Dunnellon. When that health club opens in a week, Schweitz predicts his overall membership will be up again, despite the chilly economy.

Susan Minicozzie has owned a Curves franchise on State Road 200 since 2005.

Minicozzie says her gym membership is also up, mostly because the health club works with health insurance companies that pay for their customers’ visits to Curves.

Minicozzie’s Curves have 346 members, far fewer than most other gyms. She said her gym’s niche is that she knows each of her clients by name and offers weight-loss classes and support groups. And when members don’t show up for two weeks, Mincozzie telephones them and encourages to come in.

But to keep people returning during this economy, Mincozzie said Curves has to offer price incentives, including reduced administration fees when they first join and one month free.

Gina Pellegrino is a waitress and a single mother with a 15 year-old son. She said a gym membership is more than a choice, it’s a lifestyle.

“I would not give up my membership for anything,” said the 37-year-old Ocala woman. “I would absolutely cut corners somewhere else to maintain my [gym membership].”

She attends Too Your Health Spa and goes four to five times a week.

“For me, it’s the way it makes me feel. And I want to stay physically healthy,” Pellegrino said. “I wouldn’t hesitate. I would drop something else to keep coming here.”

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Looking to be more fit then you were in 2008?
Let provide everything from workout plans to nutritional supplements. Named Top Fitness Website by Good Housekeeping Magazine

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ —, a leading fitness, nutrition and personal training community, has been named a Top Fitness Website by Good Housekeeping Magazine. The website, which allows individuals or groups to develop tailored, personal trainer certified workout routines and nutrition programs, is being featured in the March 2009 issue.

“We are very pleased to be recognized by Good Housekeeping Magazine as a Fitness Website top pick,” said Robert Adams, Head Trainer and Co-Founder at Adams, a certified personal trainer who has been in the health and nutrition industry for over 15 years, understands how individuals get lost in the vast maze of fitness information available today.

“Good Housekeeping Magazine recognizes our commitment to making our workout routines easily accessible to everyone - even those people who aren’t so tech-savvy. Our printable workout routines are designed to be straightforward, and can even incorporate exercise pictures. We have also put a great deal of effort into the diversity of our workout options, including workouts that can be performed at the gym with equipment, or in other locations that traditionally don’t have as much equipment available, such as the home or office.”

“Most people need the little extra push to change their lifestyles, and that’s what we offer - some structure,” said
Robert Krzyspiak, Co-Founder of “We feel that it’s all about options. By building so many exercise and nutrition choices into, we offer a way for anyone to get healthy with as many or as few fitness tools as are available to them. On our site, individuals use their favorite activities to build a fitness program that’s designed just for them, and hopefully one that they will enjoy and continue.”

Good Housekeeping is trusted by its readership for quality product reviews and time-saving tips in areas ranging from parenting advice to buying the best shampoo. With a dedicated section for fitness and nutrition, the editors clearly understand that committing to a workout program can be difficult, and that many people need some help. makes it easier for individuals of all experience levels and fitness abilities to develop and manage an exercise program for themselves, and there is personalized trainer support for those who need more direction. “The reality is that human beings need an active lifestyle, and overall nutritious diet, to maintain a healthy weight and body composition,” says Adams. “That’s not always in sync with today’s demanding schedules. Our program can give you workout routines to help keep you fit, whether you’re at the gym, in your cubicle, or just using the stairs at home.”, a CBT Corporation subsidiary, is dedicated to offering the best in personal training and fitness information, which is accessible from anywhere, at any time. Being healthy is a human right, and is dedicated to helping people get there through fitness and nutrition. Get Fit, Stay Fit! Visit
to learn more.

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Santa Rosa’s Body Zone gym to close

Body Zone Fitness members got in their last workouts Wednesday at the downtown Santa Rosa health club that has closed after nearly two years in business.

Body Zone took over the space previously occupied by Body Central. That all-women’s gym closed after a judge ruled in a lawsuit that it must admit men as members.

The poor economy was the reason for Body Zone’s demise; membership has fallen 25 percent, a manager on site Wednesday night said. The manager declined to give his name and Body Zone’s owner was not available for comment.

A sign inside Body Zone advised patrons the business lost its lease and that all memberships had been transferred to 5th Street Fitness, a block away.

Membership at Body Zone was about two-thirds female. Its predecessor, Body Central, opened in 1997 as an all-women’s gym.

The state Department of Fair Employment and Housing sued Body Central after a Santa Rosa man, Phillip Kottle, complained he was denied membership in 2003 because of his gender.

Body Central violated California’s civil rights law barring businesses from discriminating based on sex, race or religion, according to attorneys for the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Kottle was admitted to the gym a year ago as part of a settlement.

State attorneys went back to court, alleging Body Central violated the agreement because it didn’t provide showers and lockers for men.

A Sonoma County judge agreed with the state and ordered Body Central to pay $50 each day in fines starting Jan. 31 unless it had equal facilities for men. The gym closed a month later.

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KettleWorx Launches “I Love My Kettlebell” National Media Tour

Fitness expert Ryan Shanahan to promote kettlebells as the ultimate fitness tool

Minneapolis, MN February 23, 2009 — KettleWorx announced its sponsorship of Ryan Shanahan’s “I Love My Kettlebell” national media tour. Shanahan, creator of KettleWorx and the world’s leading expert in kettlebell fitness, will be appearing on a series of television newscasts across the country to promote awareness of kettlebells as the ultimate fitness tool.

“It’s the fastest and most effective fitness and weight loss tool available, but most people still don’t know what a kettlebell is, or how to use it,” said Shanahan. “Once people discover how easy it is to slim down and tone up with just three, 20 minute KettleWorx sessions a week, they really will ‘love their kettlebell’.”

It’s the fastest and most effective fitness and weight loss tool available, but most people still don’t know what a kettlebell is, or how to use it

Once people discover how easy it is to slim down and tone up with just three, 20 minute KettleWorx sessions a week, they really will ‘love their kettlebell’.

But people need expert training if they are going to get the same benefits celebrities enjoy, which is why we partnered with Ryan in the creation of KettleWorx and now support his national media tour.

“We’re seeing more interest in kettlebells as a result of recent endorsements by athletes like Lance Armstrong and celebrities like Katherine Heigl and Penelope Cruz,” said Steve Roberts, CEO of FitnessWorx, LLC. “But people need expert training if they are going to get the same benefits celebrities enjoy, which is why we partnered with Ryan in the creation of KettleWorx and now support his national media tour.”

Ryan Shanahan appeared yesterday on the KTVK Phoenix program “Good Morning Arizona” and today on KNSD-TV in San Diego. He has previously appeared on the CBS Early Show, on the WTXF show “Good Day Philadelphia,” and on KARE 11 in Minneapolis - St. Paul. Planned future appearances include “AM Northwest” on KATU in Portland and with KING 5 in Seattle.

About Ryan Shanahan

Ryan is the world’s leading kettlebell expert and the developer of KettleWorx - the most comprehensive kettlebell training program available. Over the last 20 years he’s played professional hockey, represented Canada at the World Duathlon Championship, completed 22 triathlons and 2 marathons. Having trained with nothing more than a 20 pound kettlebell, Ryan recently earned 2nd place at the Heavyweight Drug Free Bodybuilding Contest.

About KettleWorx

KettleWorx is the global leader in kettlebell fitness and offers a complete kettle bell workout program on DVD for home use. Designed to emulate a true personal trainer experience, KettleWorx is appropriate for men and women of any fitness level. Users are led through a series of gradually more challenging workouts that comprise the “Six Week Body Transformation.”

For more information, visit

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Looking to be more fit then you were in 2008?
Let provide everything from workout plans to nutritional supplements.

World Natural Bodybuilding Championships needs sponsorship

The South African Natural Bodybuilding Association is seeking sponsors for the 2009 World Natural Bodybuilding Championships

The South African Natural Bodybuilding Association is hosting the World Natural Bodybuilding Championships at the Market Hall- Grandwest Casino on the 31 October 2009.

Since we are a non-profitable organisation we are unable to raise the R 310 000,00 needed to make this prestigious event a reality and therefore need assistance from whoever is by means to help us in any manner possible. Since we will be having lots of exhibitions in malls and centres to promote this championships your company will get a lot of exposure at these events as well as with the aggressive advertising.The South African Natural bodybuilding Association promote Natural bodybuilding without the use of illegal substances.

We also promote the sport amongst the youth starting with youngsters from as young as ten years. By giving them the opportunity to build their bodies naturally, they also respect their bodies and would not use other illegal street drugs. The healthier the body, the better and quicker it grows.Our competition will start on the Friday, 30 October 2009 with a junior Championships and all sponsors will also get an opportunity to display their products.
The Main event will take place on Saturday, 31 October 2009 with over 35 coutries competing at the Market Hall which are able to house + 2 000 spectators.
We therefore plea for the assistance of any companies or individuals.

Company name : South African Natural Bodybuilding Association
Contact name : Hoosain Bester
Telephone number : +27 21 932 6082

Email address :

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Headlining the seminar is MuscleTechnatural bodybuilding superstar Jim Cordova, the 2007 WNBF World Champion. Jim’s work in physique transformation training has quickly made him the go-to guy for natural bodybuilding and figure competitors and mixed martial arts athletes everywhere.

Joining the Seminar for the first time is WNBF legend Eddie “The Rock” Hernandez. Although he was last seen on the WNBF stage upon receiving his 2007 “Legends of the WNBF” award, “The Rock” still looks every bit as big and muscular as his days heading the Pro Natural bodybuilding scene over a decade ago. He is now a football coach in New Jersey, but still trains athletes in weight lifting and bodybuilding – including fellow pro Duane Ball. Now, Eddie has come forward to share his extensive bodybuilding and powerlifting knowledge with participants at the MuscleTech World Champion Super Seminar II.

“I am excited about helping out bodybuilders and lifters at this seminar,” said The Rock.

Added Jim Cordova: “I am thrilled to work with a legend like Eddie Hernandez at the Super Seminar.”

Also added to the lineup is INBF MuscleTech World Best Body Swimsuit Champion Ana de Castro, a noted personal trainer and cardio instructor in New Jersey. She is also a WNBF Figure pro competitor.

Returning to his role as moderator and instructor is Steve Downs, C.S.C.S., the Chairman of the WNBF, former YMCA director and gym owner, and a former Mr. Natural USA Bodybuilding Champion.

One of the most popular segments of the seminar will discuss BODYBUILDING NUTRITION & SUPPLEMENTATION. This will include extensive information on the latest MuscleTech supplements, which are used by WNBF champions like Jim Cordova. ALL SEMINAR ATTENDEES WILL RECEIVE FREE MUSCLETECH PRODUCT SAMPLES!

NOTE: Mr. Universe Dwayne Broadway, who participated in the Super Seminar I in October 2008, will return to the camp in the fall of ‘09.

For more information or to register for the March 21 Super Seminar, log onto SIGN UP EARLY TO SAVE ON YOUR REGISTRATION FEE.

Major Prize Announcement for the 2009 FAME World Championships

Major Prize Announcement for the 2009 FAME World Championships

From FAME Owner Jeffrey Kippel...

By competing in the upcoming 2009 FAME World Championships YOU can be the lucky recipient of a dream come true holiday experience where YOU are the Star!!

That's right. Someone from the World Championship weekend will be flying down on a Luxury 1 Week Vacation to.... (drum roll).... beautiful SOUTH AFRICA!!

Once there, you will be met with Star Treatment, photoshoots, media opportunities and a TV appearance on the 3rd annual FAME South Africa Television Special!

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Included in this package is:
Round Trip Airfare to South Africa
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A big thank you to Force Events, our FAME South Africa promotion team.

The winner will be selected based on several factors including:
* Final Placement at the 2009 FAME World Championships
* Embodiment of the Body Proud Lifestyle.
* Ability to represent Body Proud and FAME as an Ambassador around the world!

Joanne Rossi of Force Events, the former South African Gladiator ("Force") will be making the final selections.

Good luck to you all. It could be any one of you...! To be eligible you must have an updated profile in the
Body Proud Community and (obviously - lol) register to compete!

Please be sure to join the World Championships Event and Group on so that we can keep you updated on all the other prizes-in-the-works that are just as exciting!

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See you on the FAME Stage!!

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Arm Wrestling

Wet Shirt



Football Jock

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